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Melissa Garn is a solo-preneur who felt like she was stuck in the corporate world, battling DC traffic and always feeling like she was always short changing her family and her employer. Weighted down by the push and pull of life she felt like she could
could never break through to the next level in her career or find the balance and harmony at home. She has worked with number of clients, across all industry lines.  Seventeen years ago she rallied some of the best minds to teach her how to stop doing it all.  She took the time to ask the questions, study their success.
This lead to exceptional personal mentors to show her how to overcome the feeling of guilt and fear so she could focus on what mattered most!  How to create an intentional plan of action for each day, in order to create the most impact and produce the highest level of results.
 Melissa has taken her expertise from corporate America and has created a four-step proven plan to help take someone who is guilt ridden and filled with tension, fear to become a  productive person and an effective leader in their home and place of work!
Melissa has worked with companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and the professional service industry. All of them expressed the same frustration and together they scaled up their acceleration in their careers and put order back in their home.
Melissa is a leadership strategist that helps working individuals increase success in the work place and order and balance in the home, to create meaningful personal relationships. Teaching everyday and long-term leadership strategies, metrics and mindset.  Melissa is also John Maxwell certified business coach and companies have also benefited as result of this.
Melissa’s clients are from all walks of life. If you are ready to take the step to reaching your fullest potential, ready to finally get the leadership skills you need to get that promotion, ready to finally have peace and order in your home and be free of  guilt and tension and fear so you never have to feel stuck again, then lets connect!

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Inspired Leadership promises you this… your journey towards the strategy and leadership will be life-changing. You may not find yourself to be on the top right now, or the center, but you will find yourself in much better place and in the direction of the limitless once our journey begins!

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